tus is an open source project by Transloadit

About tus

The internet is facing a problem. As camera quality on mobile devices continues to steadily improve, user generated files grow larger and larger. Unfortunately this means that uploading these files reliably becomes much harder as well, especially when using the tiny mobile tubes provided by greedy network operators. The problem is that most applications are not up to the challenge, which means that millions of cat images and videos are lost due to network errors each year!

The tus.io project is here to stop this tragedy! tus is a resumable upload protocol, with client and server implementations for all platforms!

Join the community

Are you as passionate about better file uploading as we are? Join us! We welcome all contributions, be it in the form of patches, comments or questions. You can reach the community using many different channels:

  • On GitHub, where the specification and all the code is hosted.
  • On Discourse, our community forum (new! be one of the first to leave a message).
  • On Slack, where the community is available for a chat.
  • On Twitter, where the core developers sometimes tweet about the project.
  • Additionally, the project leads can also be reached directly in person:

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