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Protocol v1.0.0 Prerelease

Published on by Marius Kleidl

More than a year ago the last release, 0.2.2 was published. Now the final 1.0 release is just around the corner introducing breaking changes and a lot of new features.

The major changes towards the core include the addition of the TUS-Resumable, TUS-Max-Size, TUS-Extension and TUS-Version headers while making the first one mandatory. All these headers must be returned in the new OPTIONS request in order to enable protocol discovery. In addition the Offset header must not be greater or lower than the current offset for the file.

The biggest changes were made by introducing the Upload-Expiration, Checksum, Stream, Retries, Termination, Merge and Metadata extensions.

After all of this work the protocol is now considered stable and ready for use in production environments. Speaking of implementations the official tus-jquery-client and tusd repositories are currently being updated to support the 1.0 release.

The final 1.0 Release will be published by merging the according pull request on GitHub once these changes are done. Furthermore, last feedback may be submitted there to adjust minor things.