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Resumable File Upload Demo

This demo is a working and production-ready example for resumable file uploads built using the tus-js-client. It sends your files to our public tusd instance, which is the official reference implementation for the tus protocol, written in the Go programming language.


  1. Select a large file.
  2. Watch it upload for a bit, then close this tab before it finishes.
  3. Come back to the tab, select the same file again, the upload should resume where it left off.


Succesful uploads will be listed here. Try one!


The tus-js-client used in this demo has been automatically tested and works with the following browsers:

Browser Compatibility Matrix

Going forward, all relevant browsers will be supported with as many features as possible. All browsers will be able to perform at least simple multipart uploads.

Using the X-HTTP-Method-Override header, it’s possible to run tus even on platforms that won’t let you do PUT and PATCH requests.

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