tus is an open source project by Transloadit
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tus is developed in the open and free community support is available through our public channels as listed below. The community support covers questions about the protocol itself and our open-source implementations. If you want advanced or private help with your tus setup, commercial support is available by Transloadit (see further down).

Join the community

Are you as passionate about better file uploading as we are? Join us! We welcome all contributions, be it in the form of patches, comments, or questions. You can reach the community using many different channels:

  • On GitHub, where the specification and all the code is hosted.
  • On Discourse, our community forum (new! be one of the first to leave a message, we’ll read it!).
  • On Twitter, where the core developers sometimes tweet about the project.
  • Additionally, the project lead can also be reached directly via email: [email protected]

Commercial support

The development of tus is sponsored by Transloadit, a cloud service for file uploading, conversion, and processing. tus support on their hosted version is free for all customers, for self-hosting tus (setup, integration, deployment, scaling, and monitoring), commercial support is available upon request: [email protected].

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